SuiteCRM / SugarCRM CE (Gold Pack)


Acalance works with clients to provide process-driven training courses. Delivered to teams of users, focusing on users’ roles and their expected levels of interaction within the CRM solution.

Course Curriculum

What is SuiteCRM? 00:02:13
Get Started
Logging in to SuiteCRM 00:02:19
User Settings 00:04:17
User Interface
Top-Side Navigation 00:01:55
Global Search 00:00:53
Basic and Advance SearchFREE 00:05:40
Dashlets and Dashboard 00:03:09
ListView 00:04:16
DetailView 00:03:01
EditView 00:01:14
Record Management
Create – Edit – Delete Record 00:02:31
Import and Export 00:05:20
Merge 00:02:23
Core Modules
Account 00:01:50
Contacts 00:01:12
Oppurtunity Vs Leads 00:03:17
How to install SuiteCRM?
Install SuitecRM in WindowsFREE 00:16:06
Install SuiteCRM in Ubuntu 00:07:54
Install From Cpanel 00:01:41
Install From Cpanel 00:01:41
Demo Data
Add Demo Data 00:05:16
Remove Demo Data 00:07:11
Instance Backup
Backup in Windows 00:03:16
BackUp in Ubuntu 00:03:29
Install Backup file
Install BackUp file in Windows 00:04:02
Install BackUp file in Ubuntu 00:03:29
User Management
Manage user accounts and passwords 00:20:35
Role Management
Manage role membership and propertiesFREE 00:24:18
Security Group Management
Manage Security Group 00:15:23
System Settings
Configure system-wide settings 00:05:23
Import and Export 00:05:20
Upload and install SuiteCRM upgrades 00:05:45
Manage which languages are available for users 00:03:12
Email Settings 00:05:31
Get All EmailID 00:06:23
Get Primary EmailID 00:02:29
Email Class 00:01:30
Developer Tool
Customize module layouts and relationships 00:19:44
Customize module fields 00:09:45
Create Custom Module 00:06:01
Rename Module 00:02:08
Debug Error
Power Code 00:01:30
How to Work With apis?
Create Record Using Rest 00:02:57
Update Record Using Rest 00:01:52
Using Bean
Create Record Using Bean 00:07:31
Retrive Record Using Bean 00:02:40
Update Record Using Bean 00:03:02
Retrive Single Record Using SQL 00:05:12
Retrive Multiple Record Using SQL 00:09:42
Update Data Using SQL 00:03:11
Logic Hook
Before Save LogicHook 00:07:33
Before Save in Advance 00:03:08
After Save LogicHook 00:09:50
After Save in Advance 00:04:18
Custom CSS 00:14:13
SuiteCRM Customization
Add Global Link 00:01:58
Remove Global Link 00:03:22
Add New Admin Link 00:03:55
Config File 00:05:47
Create Custom Entry Point 00:03:39
Dynamic Dropdown 00:05:34

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